Life is like a boxing match. You are not declared defeated at the time you fall, but at the time when you refuse to stand up again.


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Start your public holiday celebration tomorrow STRONG!!! Group class will be at 9am. *Be stronger than your excuses*

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Want to get fit? Pick a training routine you enjoy doing. You will want to train, and the more you train, the more amazing it becomes and the..

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It’s weekend!!! But don’t forget to be strong. Keep your goals closer than your temptations.

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Photos from MoJo Boxing and Fitness's post

Friends don’t let friends miss training sessions! Why you should train with friends: • Class becomes more fun • Accountability • Motivated..

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Meet Joseph – the man behind Mojo Boxing & Fitness…. Passionate about sport from a young age, it was only when he moved to South Africa from..

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