Life is like a boxing match. You are not declared defeated at the time you fall, but at the time when you refuse to stand up again.


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The burn is good, but the shake is better… EMBRACE the shake. Grin & ‘Barre’ it with Whitney Sonnenberg for a class that will transform and..

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There is no force equal to the strength of a determined woman. Happy Women’s Day to all our strong clients!

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*Public holiday class times* There is no group boxing class tomorrow. The BODY CONDITIONING class with Merle will be at 7.30am. Want to join?..

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No TGIF for us as The Grind Includes Friday, but it doesn’t mean we won’t do a happy Friday dance!! . Want to dance everyday, come join us! -Fusion..

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Photos from MoJo Boxing and Fitness's post

This is how we #SundayFunday – with a beach and promenade workout! Don’t forget to set your goals for the week ahead. Those who plan, achieve!..

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