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6 reasons to pick up a pair of boxing gloves

6 reasons to pick up a pair of boxing gloves
11th May 2016 admin
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Boxing isn’t a fitness regime that many women consider when trying to get into shape – but it should be!

A vigorous and impactful workout, boxing will whip you into shape and improve fitness rapidly, while also maintaining physical health. Many, especially women, may be intimidated thinking it involves dodging punches all class, but this isn’t the case. As a sport, boxing requires several attributes such as speed, agility, strength, endurance, concentration and nerve. But, boxing as a fitness regime, enables an individual to perfect these athletic skills – without taking a direct punch.

Joseph Chinana, owner of Mojo Boxing & Fitness in Cape Town, shares six reasons why you should put on a pair of boxing gloves and discover the sport:

  1. It delivers on fitness levels: Boxing has a potential burn rate of 780 calories an hour (13 calories a minute). That is close to other types of cardio, such as running and cycling.
  1. It tones muscles: Due to the nature of the exercise, boxing is great for toning and will sculpt, rather than build muscle. The training sessions also work every muscle in the body from upper arms, core, chest, hips and calves.
  1. It will make you strong: Strength training is as important as fat burning. To achieve the attributes needed for boxing – namely speed and endurance – you need to be strong. Boxing as a training regime involves different forms of movement and repetitive motions, and these will provide full body strength training.
  1. It positively impacts health: Not only is boxing great with weight management as it burns many calories, but due to the interval training of the sport – with its start-stop form of exercise routine – it can improve cardiovascular health.
  1. It is the ultimate stress relief: Any workout releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, however punching a heavy boxing bag, doing one-on-one pad work with a trainer, hitting the speed ball or skipping your heart out, will leave you feeling confident and less stressed within minutes.
  1. It will keep you engaged and challenged: Boxing is especially perfect for those that may be seeking a challenge over and above the more traditional forms of exercise, such a running or a traditional gym class. An interesting and stimulating workout, boxing will not only improve fitness levels, but keep you engaged given the sport’s nature. As you never know where the trainer might ask you to throw a punch, you always have that element of surprise and suspense.


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